Taiwan Handmade False Eyelashes (#045 TS)


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PLEASE READ MY PROFILE FOR DETAILS FIRST! #045 Transparent Stem (Very Limited stock!) - 0.6cm - 0.9cm - Extended tail (longer lashes) at end of lash - Dolly yet natural - Apt for those who are not very skillful at sticking false eyelash - Very natural for every day use even if you don't wear eyeliner/make-up - More rigid, therefore able to reshape your eyes - Each pair can be reused several times with careful application & maintenance (ask me how!) Retail price: $16.90 per box Discounted price: $5.90 (10 pairs) Tags: Bridal, Christmas, photoshoot, makeover, beauty products, for her, new, natural, Prom, ROM, D&D, date night