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This buyer is very rude ! He/she didn't reply me after we agreed to talk about the meet up when it was closer to next week but than when I msg her a few time she won't reply until I had enuf I went to give her a bad review and poof she/he suddenly appear and replied to my feedback and gave me a bad feedback back like wtf ur buying the item I'm selling and u act like this wth . If u didnt Wan the item u could have just told me .. and I do admit tat I indeed asked her to meet up earlier cos I'm in short of cash . But tbh I don't think what I did was very wrong but it was wrong .. so I apologise after she/he kinda told me off like wtf man . Am I buying ur item or u are buying , aren't they suppose to meet up at ur timing and ur place by right it's like tat but I went and ask when she can meet and where . Yet the buyer didn't appreciate it and made use of it after telling me she/he can meet up with me a few times . And than the buyer suddenly stopped replying all of the sudden. I went ahead and ss some of the reviews the buyer had been given and this kinda proves tat the buyer is in the wrong . But don't misunderstand, I'm in the wrong Yoo but she/he are more in the wrong as she/he could have just told me they dw the item instead of making me wait like and idiot . So it's up to ur to see who in the wrong . :) sorry for wasting ur time

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