Takrut Palang Lokathat (Pim Lek) - Luang Pu Yai - Wat Phra Thamyanamunee - BE 2558


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Amulet : Takrut Palang Lokathat (Pim Lek) Master : Luang Pu Yai Temple : Wat Phra Thamyanamunee Year : BE 2558 Length : 2 cm Material : Leklai from cave, Gems, Stones and Minerals. Remarks : Protect wearer from harm and all kind of danger, Deflect away black magic and bad luck, Overcome all obstacles in life and Smooth sailing in life, Increase Luck Tremendously, Good in business, Increase physical energy and help blood circulation to stay healthy for the body system to work effectively, Help balance body energy, mind and sleep easily. Website : www.amuletmarket.com Self Collect at Queenstown MRT Normal Mail : $1 (Not responsible for any loss or damages) Registered Mail : $5 (With tracking number)