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Was wearing the high cut version of this when I skid. My feet was fine. everything was okay hence recommend this brand to everyone. very comfortable wear. model number T75090 I have got these sizes 38 - 240mm (foot length) 40 - 250mm 41 - 255mm 42 - 260mm 43 - 265mm 44 - 270mm 45 - 275mm 46 - 280mm * this product consist of cow leather* Specs: 1. Uses cow leather 2. anti slip soles 3. extra plastic protection on the tip of the boots, side and at the heel 4. durable zip 5. breathable 6. reflective strips at the back 7. rubber fabric layer on top of the boots for easy change of gear 8. high quality craftsmanship 9. strong velcros 10. 25cm x 20cm x 11cm dimensions 11. 1.437kg check out the high cut one too. although its a bit more pricey but it worth the price.

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