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Tanzanite Necklace With Diamonds & Solid 14k Gold Chain - Jewellery


3 years ago by luzurejewelry








Up for sale is a pre-owned, 7 carat Tanzanite pendant. The beauty of this pendant is simply astounding and is of heirloom grade. This is the kind of purplish blue tanzanite that people pay USD1000/- per carat for. Tanzanite is currently a single source gem (only found in Tanzania) and unless a new source is found, it should be completely mined out within this generation. You can find out more about tanzanite by searching about it online. This pendant is certified by Nan Yang Gemological Institute Singapore. The certificate will accompany the pendant to its new owner. A bit more of the specs:- Carat Weight: 7. However, certification states as 6.3 carat as I do not want them to take out the tanzanite from the setting for weighing. I can take it as selling it for 6 carat.  Bling Factor: 10 / 10 Selling Factor: It's rare, and gets more and more expensive as lesser and lesser tanzanite is being mined out from the ground. Most importantly, everyone whom I've shown it to is deeply impressed by it! This pendant comes in a solid 14k yellow gold setting and 0.10 carat of genuine diamonds which I will give for free. Yes, free. I will also provide a matching solid 14k yellow gold chain to go with it. Yes free again. I will only charge the tanzanite price of 6 carat and with a further discount. The tanzanite price, only taking 6 carat into consideration, should be USD1000 x 6 = USD6000 which is equivalent to approximately SGD8,400 as of the day of this posting. Since it's pre-owned, I will sell it for SGD4,500 only. The diamond in solid 14k yellow setting and the 14k solid yellow gold chain will go for free! Furthermore, I've only priced it at 6 carat instead of 7 carat, which is what it should be! Remember, the gemmological report will accompany this pretty gem to its new owner. Please take good care of it, treasure it and hand it down to your next generation as a heirloom! Great gift for yourself, your wife or girlfriend! Sincere buyers, please contact me at Singapore mobile number 96329637 (Mr Daniel) for viewing, seeya!

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kalieswariGreat seller to deal with! Prompt delivery!
9 months ago
liliesofthefieldYa you can send this for him Wow. Fantastic more
10 months ago
kelbeeGreat seller to deal with.. Item delivered as more
11 months ago
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