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Made by : Luang Phor Ratt 制作:龙婆喇 Temple: Wat Pha Wai 庙宇:瓦派崴 Year Made: BE 2559 年制:佛历 2559 年 Material: Alloy (Mix Metal) 材料:合铸铁 Function/Effect: Protection from bad influence and evil. Wealth fetching, good relationship with everyone. For great of protection that can protect a worshipper from dangerous, bad things and black magic, Power of authority to command and leading people. 功效: 斩驱与防止小人不良影响,保命护身,趋吉避凶,开运顺利,人缘增直,有助于权威指挥和 增强领导能力。 Details: This stunning featured "Taowessuwan Roon Lek (First Batch) Nur Chen Nuan" was make by Luang Phor Ratt in BE 2559. In this ceremony, the committees invited Luang Phor Foo, Luang Phor Sin, Luang Phor Charn to bless this batch. Luang Phor Ratt is a skilled guru monk in eastern part Thailand and he learn and gain his knowledge from famous high monks like Luang Phu Tarb a very famous guru monk of Wat Grabok Khuenphueng in Rayong province, Luang Phor Lad - Wat Nong Grabork, Luang Phu Tim superb guru monk of Wat Lahanrai and also Luang Phor Sakorn the famous guru monk - Wat NongKrub and luksi of Luang Phu Tim. I highly recommended to you!!! 简介: 此令人惊叹不已,首批“护佛天王神将第一批”,乃由龙婆喇在佛历2559制作。仪式上,委员会邀请了众多高僧前来一同加持开光此批圣物。有龙婆符,龙婆新,龙婆禅。龙婆喇-是泰国东部罗勇府高僧,他成经向许多非常著名的大师和僧侣修习秘法。像是龙普踏 - 瓦嘎博坤鹏,龙婆腊 - 瓦浓嘎博,龙普添 - 瓦啦汗莱,以及龙普添的弟子,也是位着名大师龙婆萨空 - 瓦浓卡咯。本人大力推荐!!! Order Details: Code: LL0057TW Item: Taowessuwan Roon Lek (First Batch) Nur Alloy 护佛天王神将第一批 Price: SGD 58 新币 五十八元 Price non-negotiable Facebook: Sambodhi Thai Amulet #sambodhithai #thaiamulet #taowessuwan

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