TAVTA Patented product Invisible bicycle bike bells CNC Aluminum Alloy Metal Environmental bicycle bell


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Name: Invisible- Q Bell Model No: TWOOC-1000 Material : Aluminum Alloy/ABS/PP Net Weight: 18.19g Size: 38.5*15mm Applicable to the diameter: 22.2 mm Decibel: 100db Colour: Red/ Green/ Blue/ Black/ Silver Method one Step 1: Remove the product from the packaging, Loosen the screws Step 2: After break apart into the handlebars, not excessive force, nor press aluminum parts, aluminum parts was pressed will deformed with the springs, it will not make a sound Step 3: (aluminum not touch anything) and then lock the screws, the screws can not be too tight nor too loose Method two Step 1: Removable handlebars sets ,directly removed, into the bell ,first not to lock Step 2: Then put into the gearbox and brake handle loaded, and then loaded handlebars set Step 3: After the three things to be fixed ,locking bells, bells do not too tight and not too loose