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[TC] Penpalmimi's Terms and Conditions





> Meet-up and mailing available! πŸƒ Mailing. Normal+$0.90-1.50. Not preferred but it's cheaper. Not responsible for lost mails. πŸƒ Mailing registered. With tracking. +$2.50. Preferred. Normal mail, not responsible for lost mails. Will sent proof of mailing. Photo/video evidence can be taken! Meet up at my convenience only. πŸƒ Tampines MRT (weekdays only.) πŸ‘‰ Only with purchases $10 and above! πŸƒ Punggol MRT. πŸ‘‰ Only purchases $15 and above! πŸƒ Aft Punggol Rd Bus stop 65199 (Preferred/most of the time.) πŸƒ Cove LRT (Weekends only. Weekdays occasionally.) πŸ‘‰ These 2 places are free of charge. These are the only locations I can go and I cannot go anywhere else. If you cannot meet at these locations, please do opt up for mailing or get a meet up helper! > Payment Methods. I accept : πŸƒ Cash On Delivery (Meet-up only.) πŸƒ Paylah!/Paynow πŸƒ Bank Transfer. πŸƒ Concealed cash (At your own risk. Not responsible for lost mails. Also, please send me PROOF that you've mailed out. If I don't receive your payment after few weeks even though you claimed you've mailed it, I'll still count as no payment. Anyways, no payment no order so yeah. > Frequently Asked Questions. (PLEASE READ. I DON'T WANT TO BE ASKED THE SAME QUESTIONS AGAIN.) πŸƒ Are all items listed instocks? Most of the items I've listed is PO. I might buy some instocks but not much, so yeah. I only have instocks for my grabbag :) πŸƒ When are you going to send the orders? I send in orders once a week, every sat/sun. Please make payment before I send the order. If you haven't pay yet and I need to send in the orders already, sorry you have to wait for next week. If there's no one is ordering that week, okay I'll order for you :) πŸƒ Can meet up at our mid point? I'm sorry but I can't meet anywhere else except my convi. I'm taking my Os this year and I don't have the time to travel around. I'd recommend you to opt for mailing or get a meet up helper! :) πŸƒ PO can COD? Payment need to be in before I send in the order. You can pass me the cash/transfer and help you order. Meet up at my convenience only. Payment need to be made by 1-2 weeks. If not, your order will be cancelled. PO include shipping fees. Exclude mailing fees. Mailing +$1-2 depending on your order. πŸƒ Can I back out? Back out is still possible if order is not send yet. If the order is sent, you can back out but your items will be CONFISCATED and you'll only receive HALF of the amount back. I'm still considered nice as other sellers would confiscate your item with no refund, okay? But please, don't back out :) Thanks. πŸƒ Can you help me pay first for PO? I'll pay you when I get the order? No, I won't be paying first. FULL PAYMENT MUST BE IN BEFORE I ORDER IF NOT NO ORDER WILL BE MADE. I know some customers have trust issues but my account is verified and I'll provide you my phone number. If you don't trust then, it's okay if you don't buy from me. I'll be buying instocks but it won't be a lot as I'll probably buying it for my own use and I don't mind selling some away. Thanks. πŸƒ Can you help me order first? I'll pay you later. (I get this a lot istg it's getting annoying.) No, I'm not helping you to pay first. No payment, no order!!!! πŸƒCan you meet at my convi? No, I can't meet anywhere else except my convi. Anyways, I think buyers should meet at seller's convinience. It's a logical thing to do? I mean you want to buy something, you go to the shop right? Not the shop go to you. I highly recommend mailing/meet up helper if you cannot meet at my convi! :) πŸƒ(not a question but) Some buyers have seen the message when I told them to make payment but purposely ignore me? I've dealt with many people like this. It's annoying! If you're not interested, just say so. No need to ignore me and pretend you didn't see the messages. I'm sick of this uncooperative behavior. I'll give reminders when the deadline for the payment is. I won't prompt you if you've ignore me for one week. I assume that you're not interested anymore. I don't want to waste my time of sick people like that. Thank you for reading my long T&C and happy shopping! Side note: I'm sorry if I appear to be mean in my terms and conditions. Some buyers are just ugh... I mirror your attitude. I'm a friendly and nice person but some people abuse my kindness so I don't even know what to do anymore :( I don't bother to do a blacklist anymore because the list is just neverending.

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2019 Sep

Thanks for the grab bag! Loved the items inside. Dealer was quick and delivered the items fast! Thanks!