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Technics Grand Class SL-1210GR Direct Drive Turntable BLACK (Latest 2017 Model / AC 240V) Product Specifications: #### Turntable Does Not Include Stylus Cartridge #### Condition: Brand New Warranty: Imported Sets so 7 Days Shop Warranty For Technics SL-1200GR Silver colour, please enquire For Technics SL-1200G, please enquire ===> RRP PRICE: $2999 <=== ===> MEMBERS PRICE: $2550 <=== ===> One Year MEMBERSHIP $10 <=== ===> NON-NEGOTIABLE // NO TRADE-IN <=== # DBS PayLah Accepted # NETS Payment Accepted *** Official Receipt Will Be Issued *** Audio & Garmin Products That I Sell ==> PC / IT Products That I Sell ==> Only deal at my home (Senja area @ Bukit Panjang). No other places Daily collection timing: 1pm~4pm / 7:45pm~9:45pm Tags: HRT Rega Naim Chord Pathos Antelope Audiolab Sony Pioneer TAD Creative Sound Oppo Benchmark LH Labs Cambridge Fostex Myryad Denon Arcam Rotel QED Korg Fiio Cyrus Musical Fidelity NAD Audioquest Teac Oppo iFi Schiit Bryston Naim NuForce KEF Adam Genelec JBL Mackie PreSonus M-Audio Yamaha Tannoy KRK Hugo Dynaudio HiVi Swans Technics Avid Clearaudio Denon Elac Funk Firm Luxman Marantz Michell MFi Music Hall Pioneer Pro-Ject Rega Shinota Teac Vpi Audio Technica ION Onkyo Roksan SME Thorens Tonar Goldring Grado Hana Ortofon Nagaoka

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Bukit Panjang Ring Road Singapore, Singapore

Daily collection timing: 1pm~4:30pm / 7:45pm~9:30pm