Telephone Headset, PChero Noise Cancelling Headset with Mic for Call Center, Desk Telephone, Perfect for Phone sales, Insurance, Hospitals, Telecom operators


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*** DISPLAY SET *** Description Attention: This headset is Compatible with Most Regular Telephones, but it will be not compatible with some telephones not known by us. If you found the headset or the microphone is not work, please be noted that this headset is not Compatible with your phone. At this time, you could use the 8 circuit Lines' Gift Headset Adapter Came with the package which is compatible with Most Telephones in the World. If the headset with the adapter could not work with your telephone, please email us for further help by telling us your phone brand and model number. Description: Keep your hands off your phone While using this headset, you can increase productivity by working on your Phones, taking notes, and handling other tasks. It brings a real experience of hands-free while talking to your Friends, amilies, Colleagues or customers. Enjoy the benefits of completing calls faster and with less likelihood of errors. This headset model offers a substantial increase in comfort and productivity over a handset or Phone. Incompatible Models: ipecs, Ericson, LIP-8024E.