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Mailing · Carousell Protection



------ TERMS & CONDITIONS ----- PAYMENT ✔️ ibanking • picture proof required ✔️ BT (bank transfer) • picture proof required ✔️ BTH (bank transfer helper) • get a bank transfer helper around your around to help you with payments!! • picture proof required ✔️ CD (cash deposit via atm) • for buyers who doesn't have a card/bank account • atm only accepts cash, no change will be given • $2, $5, $10, $50 notes are all accepted by cash deposit atms • picture proof required ✔️ atm • picture proof required ✔️ cash via meetup 〰 strictly no refunds 〰 refunds will only be given if item is out of stock COLLECTION METHODS ✔️ meetups • there will be NO cash transactions over the gantry of mrts • meet ups will ONLY be at mrts / lrts • any cancellation should be made AT LEAST 3 hours before the arranged timing. - cancellation made *less than* 3 hours before arranged timing: + $2 - cancellation made *1 hour or less than* the arranged timing: + $4 • no show - buyers who are late for 10 mins, *without informing* me: + $2 - no data? free wifi is provided at certain mrt stations / locations / you can text / call me / lend hotspots from your friends 🙂 - NO reasons will be accepted for no shows • i will only wait for a maximum of 10 mins! - do inform me if you won't be able to make it within the 10 mins grace given - i might be able to wait longer for late buyers, depending on my schedule that day - but if i can't, i'm sorry as i have other appointments too! so pls be understanding! ☺️ 〰 buyers who no show / cancel meetup appointments for 3 times will have to pay an inconvenience fee of $2 ✔️ mailing • additional charges apply, depending on the total weight! • additional cost of mailing will be at the bottom of each listing • mass mailing will be on every tuesday of the week • picture proof will be given to buyers • video only upon request - must let me know if you want, when you've opted for mailing • buyers are to ensure that the address given to me is correct, any changes made to the address after it has been written, will be charged an additional $1 • i will NOT be liable for lost or damaged mail 〰 buyers have to pay the full amount through bank transfer / ibanking before i can proceed 〰 buyers are to transfer preferably within a week (from date of giving account details) ➖ if buyers have yet to transfer & without a valid reason*, buyer will be given a reminder to make payment within the next 2 days ➖ after 2 days grace, buyer still hasn't make payment, an inconvenience fee of $2 will be charged ➖ in addition, if the item is still with me after 2 weeks of stated interest / arrival of item, a fee will also be imposed (more details in the next segment) COLLECTION DEADLINES ✔️ instocks • items should be collected within 2 weeks from date of stated interest 〰 if you're unsure whether you want to purchase the item, let me know ➖ i'll help you reserve the items & you'll be given 24 hours to decide! ➖after 24 hours, the item will be open for other buyers ✔️ preorder items • items should be collected within 2 weeks from date of arrival of items 〰 failure to collect within 2 weeks without a valid reason* will be an additional $1 per day per item. 〰 do let me know IN ADVANCE if you're unable to collect within the 2 weeks due to valid reasons (buyers who DO NOT inform me before the 2 weeks mark will be still subjected to pay additional fees, no matter the reason) 〰 buyers who can't find time to meetup, opt for mailing or find a meetup helper * valid reason: overseas / camps / exams / sick / have other preorders not arrived LOCATIONS ✔️ meet up locations & details: • admiralty • at my convenience (free) • those not at my convenience will be charged $1 - $3 depending on the locations, lrt will be an additional $0.50 - $1 ✔️ other meetup locations can be discussed, but preferably at my convi ✔️ do try to accommodate to my schedule, thank you! CHATTING ✔️ attitude • pls be friendly and not demanding (i'm human too ☹️) ✔️ replies from me • will be within 12 hours (i have a busy schedule as well ☹️) ✔️ questions • do feel free to pm me any questions you have, i'll be willing to answer them • however, pls don't ask silly questions which answers are stated in the listings!! 😅 • if after further enquiry, you've decided not to get the item, do let me know & not leave me hanging!! i promise i won't get angry! 🤗 ORDERING ✔️ order form: • which design and/or quantity • collection method (mailing/meetup) • bank transfer / cash deposit via atm • contact number 〰 do follow the order form format for quicker processing PREORDERS ✔️ preorder closes every saturday ✔️ waiting time is 1-2 weeks after preorder closes ✔️ preorder only if you can wait! ✔️ 50% of total purchase must be in before i can process the orders • if you don't have a bank account, get a bank transfer helper / make an offer NEGOS & TRADES ✔️ strictly no negotiations (excluding bulk purchases) ✔️ no trades BACKOUTS & MIA ✔️ backout - buyers who confirmed an order previously & wants to change or doesn't want it anymore • buyers would have to pay a backout fee • backout fee: 50% of total payment - total payment is inclusive of the amount of delaying collection - those who refuses to pay = negative feedback + blacklisted - buyers who pays backout fee, will not be given any negative feedback nor blacklisted 〰 sad to say, i've blacklisted some irresponsible buyers on carousell. i hope there won't be anymore tho!! ☹️ 〰 blacklisted buyers are listed down below after the t&cs! (for those kaypoh carousellers) 😉 ✔️ MIA - buyers who don't reply for 5 days (from the last text sent from buyer) without a valid reason* • buyers are to inform IN ADVANCE if they will be uncontactable for a certain period • if advance notices are NOT given, reasons WONT be accepted • reasons such as no data will not be allowed. you can use house / mrt wifi / lend hotspot from friends / text me 🙂 • after the 5 days mark, buyers will be given a reminder to reply within 24 hours • buyers who still don't reply after reminders will be regarded as MIA • MIA buyers will be required to pay back out fee - those who refuses to pay = negative feedback + blacklisted - buyers who pays backout fee, will not be given any negative feedback nor blacklisted ✔️ buyers who MIA-ed / backed out before will be given a second chance • these buyers will have to pay the backout fee first (if have yet to pay) • buyers will be asked to pay at least 50% of total purchases strictly before processing orders (for PO items) * valid reason: overseas / exams / sick SUPPLYING ✔️ i do supply, do pm for more details! ☺️ ✨that's all for my t&cs! thank you for reading!! happy shopping!!✨ ----- END ------ NOTES: before you ctb, do read through the terms & conditions!! by dealing, you agree to the t&cs stated i reserve the right to change the terms & conditions without prior notice to anyone

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Carousell Protection

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Thx for the item! Thumbs up for u! :)