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items all at cheap rate *may be subjected to changes* will not go through anyone's consent read before ctb-ing! no backouts after confirming ctb for album rates posting listing soon. PO ends every 2 weeks - a month not responsible for damage caused by mailing *PAYMENT METHOD* full payment to be made before orders are sent in concealed cash *at your own risk*(if not received will not place order) cash deposit meetups max waiting time 15 mins bank transfer please provide proof payment dragged more than 1 month will not accept any orders from u agn full payment to be made *if not paid within a week order will be cancelled * do note as stated backout fees apply DO NOT BACKOUT like seriously if you make me wait/MIA/give me short answers to my questions I'm going to be so pissed (at least inform me) *COLLECTION METHOD* meetups (may have additional cost,preferred) will have mass meet ups meetup per ur convi - <$3 meet at cck (free)/yewtee (weekdays) postage NM-+$2 RM-+$4 not responsible for lost/damaged mails will provide proof max waiting time 15 mins max no. of changes in meetups 2 if did not meet after changing twice will have confiscate item and sell as instocks as well as taking u backout and pay for backout fee of $10 if not comfirmed within 2 months item will be confiscated and sold as instocks backout fee of $10 required instocks if not collected within a month will not reserve for you and you have to pay backout fee of $10 *REPLIES* do not MIA if you MIA will be reported to police/ carousell/ blacklist replies on weekdays aft 5pm (text replies at all time) if I"MIA" I'll reply you on carousell (won't be longer than 2 days hopefully) tell me at least 2 hrs in advance if you can't make it please note that I do not have data so if any sudden changes e.g. meetup time please msg me instead if not I'll not see don't give me excuses like school events then don't even order when I told you the deadline especially if you make me wait for you during our meetups and not turn up // order during the next batch ... it's fine if you want to wait I'm just trying to help don't leave me hanging just tell me if you're not interested *BLACKLISTED* not able to join giveaway buying other items STRICTLY has to be in at least a week in advance // do not order blacklisted + not pay backout fees = report I will inform you at least 2 days in advance if you are making it to my blacklists (no replies auto blacklist) slow replies will have max 1 week to pay backout fee and not be blacklisted if you order from me and block me and didnt meet me on the arranged timing BACKOUT FEE IS FULL AMOUNT *BACKOUTS* as said above $10 backout fee for instocks $10 for preorder less than $30 $30 and above backout fee is half price STRICTLY no meetups/CC lol(go find a bank transfer helper/cash deposit) bringing instocks if many shows interest preferably meek at cck but can be discussed mass meetups available too please state whr u live when u ctb I'll take the most number of ppl living in that area to set as mass meetup place can negotiate for some items (will be stated) back out fees $10 for instocks / half price for preorder not able to join giveaways if you backout no refunds unless I state able to do not reuse any of my pictures if not penalty of $10 if you have some things you want me to bring in ctb me:) and do ask qns before ordering ! unable to change aft cmf when ordering please state : name number in case anything happens please ctb when at least 90% interested as there's back out fees not reponsible for supplier scam but I trust my supplier ! more details of items will be posted

3 years ago In K-Wave


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2019 Sep

Fast replies :) Had minor misunderstandings about place of meet up but willing to make the effort to come to me, hope you like your item✨