Testarotho 亂世忠魂 1-4 Comic [漫画] by SANBE Kei [Tong Li][Complete] for $8!


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Selling Testarotho 乱世忠魂 1-4 Manga by 三部敬 from 台湾东立出版 in good condition. Selling all 4 books for $8. In a dark future, rival warriors of warring sects persecute nonbelievers and die for their faith. But a disillusioned young novice and a deadly gun-toting priest may be about to change all that… Young Capria has completed her studies at the Arsenal School and has begun her internship with the Elysia Unification Council under Father Garrincha. But no lessons could prepare this sheltered novice for the outside world, where rebels battle against the dreaded "Testarotho." Heretics are tried and burned at the stake, warring religious factions battle for power, and the common people live a miserable life in feudal servitude. Can she bring a spark of hope to a world filled with destruction and madness? Maybe if she lives long enough! (From Baka-Updates) Will be listing more as currently clearing my room so do check back for more, thanks! To enquire about the product, click 'Chat to buy!' Meetup only for this set! Self collect at Dakota MRT (during office hours) or Sengkang and Buangkok MRT (after office hours or weekend), other places are possible but must be to seller convenient, thanks!