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Thai amulet ac tim lp thuad be 2497


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Ac tim Wat changhai Be 2497 Pim klang ( middle) Achan Tim Dhammo Pinto Taro was born on 21 August 1912 (BE 2455). He was the second son in the Prompradu's family. Ordained as a novice at the age of 18 at Wat Na Pradu. When he reaches the age of 20, he ordained as a monk on 7 June 1933 (BE 2476) under the preceptorship of Phra Kru Phiboon Samanawat of Wat Mutchalinthawapi Vihan " Wat Tu Yong " at Nong Chik district. In 1941 (BE 2484), Phra Kru Pattarakhon Kowit chief abbot of Wat Na Pradu has assigned Achan Tim to station at Wat Chang Hai, lately appointed as chief abbot of Wat Chang Hai. In 1952 (BE 2495), he was considering building a sermon hall where resident monks can have a place to provide religious services to the lay people. Achan Tim pondered the ideas of fundraising by producing the commemorative amulet of Luang Pu Thuad. He discussed this issues with Phra Kru Dhamma Kit Kosorn (Achan Nong) and Chao Khun Phrarajpanyarangsri and all of them agrees on the matter, whereby they too seek the opinion of Khun Anan Kananurak view and he too agreed such an ideal. Due to time limitation, 64,000 pieces of Luang Pu Thuad commemorative amulets was produced. On Sunday, 18 April 1954 (BE2497), After the ceremony event, Achan Tim distribute the first batch of Luang Pu Thuad commemorative amulets to followers who participated and contributed to the sermon hall fundraising cause. Achan Tim is the pioneer creator of Luang Pu Thuad amulets. LP Thuad was made of earth and wahn. The one that has higher component of earth looks more black while the one with more wahn looks more brown and grey. This amulet with the black tone has very fine texture, for example Pim Kammakarn. Since the amulet was not mixed with fixed components, this produced the outcome of different tones. Need an expert to examine and differentiate the amulet. The way amulet was kept. When the amulet faces heat and humidity, the condition may change- the texture becomes more tight or loose. The way to examine LP Thuad of 2497 B.C. needs to have a lot of understanding of which kind of mold and the colour pigments of the amulet. Katha Lp thuad: Na Mo, pu ti sa do, ah kang it Ma ya, iti pa ka wa . ( Na chi li it ) as improve wealth n successful. Not for rent .. share share knowledge only With verification cert

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