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Thai Amulet - Grandpa Kimkoey (Ah Pae Rong See) Amulet Set (total 3 items)


1 year ago by sederick-jowsua








Item: Grandpa Kimkoey (Ah Pae Rong See) Amulet Set (total 3 items) 1. Grandpa Kimkoey (Ah Pae Rong See) Amulet, Present: Ah Pae Rong See Yant (天官赐福) at back of Amulet, Material: Mixed Ah Pae Temple Joss Stick Pot (香炉) Ash Sprinkled with Jewels, Size: 2.5 x 3 cm 2. PhaYant Fah Pratarn1 Ka, Size: 19 x 26 cm 3. Picture of Grandpa KimKoey, Size: 7 x 8.8 cm Master: Mass Chanted by more than 100 famous guru monks included LP Rak, LP Maha Surasak, LP Chatchawan, Lp Mian etc. Temple: Wat Tha Chang, Ang Thong Province – BE 2560 Batch: Setthi Somprathana (Going to Be a Millionaire) Ceremony: Consecration in 2 styles: Thai and Chinese at Wat Tha Chang, Ang Thong Province performed by more than 100 famous guru monks. Objective: Proceeds for Charity Power: Whoever believes in Holy Chinese Grandpa Kimkoey (Ah Pae Rong See) will be Wealthy and Prosperous. Biography of Grandpa Kimkoey (Ah Pae Rong See): Grandpa Kimkoey aka Ah Pae Rong See is born Chinese Mainland and moved to Thailand since age of 10 years due to his father’s business concern. From young, Grandpa Kimkoey is diligent and like to learn Chinese mystic arts of FengShui, Mao Shan and 奇门盾甲etc. for his own interests. Being a building contractor, Grandpa Kimkoey likes to do repair for Thai temples and Chinese temples (usually he will went to the Chinese shrine at Wat San Chao in Pathum Thani Province) to gain merits. Most highly respected was later he did rice merchandising and opens a rice factory which his wish to use his rice to help the poor. He liked to help people and teach them to do good things. People often asked him for a favor about FengShui of their houses, establishments and their ancestors’ graves and most of them were later prosperous in business but still many who came to know Grandpa Kimkoey was impressed by his generosity and not knowing his forte and skill in changing fortune means. Miracles of Grandpa Kimkoey: Some people say a picture of Grandpa Kimkoey even without blessing can help people obsessed by a spirit. Some had experience that Grandpa Kimkoey Yant cloth stopped the fire hazard. People also believe Grandpa Kimkoey amulets can improve Feng Shui very well because Grandpa was good at it.

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sleepymiawwnice bro to deal with. Thank you
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