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Hanuman Roop Lor Nur Thong Daeng Blessed by Maha Surasak, Wat PraDoo. BE2558 Made from sacred copper material. Legend : The personality of Hanuman in ramakaya story said that he is a brave man and heart of warrior, he is born with charm and attractiveness. He is the most trusted captain of PhraRarm, and only he could destroy PhraRarm's rival "Todsagun" by burning the whole giants city with a permanent fire light up on his tail. He receive 5,000 concubine and nopburi town as reward after the war. Hanuman amulets protect devotees evil & darkness. Destroy all obstacles, dangers and misfortune. Courage and quick thinking, improving charisma as well as overall improvement etc etc Price : $$ Comes with waterproof casing and original temple box. Thanks

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