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Jumbo Sarika Nur Phong Dam (Handwritten Yants Edition) Blessed by Kruba Baeng, Wat BangTanood. BE2555 Kruba Baeng is well known and respected for his Salika Birds Amulets and said to be the most beautiful in Thailand, thus Thai locals named him as “The Salika King". Kruba Baeng and Kruba Kissana went through training under the same master, known as Archan Singharas, whom was a Lersi. When coming to seniority, Kruba Baeng is senior than Kruba Kissana. Kruba Baeng is a keeper of the traditional methodology in making effective and powerful Salika Amulets. Reblessed by Kruba Baeng and with handwritten yants by Kruba Baeng personally before leaving temple. Salika is also known as the golden tongue bird, its proven to be good for improving wearer convincing power, sales talk, business talk, sweet talking, attracting important people, metta, luck and overall improvement Price : $1xx Comes with gold glitter waterproof casing. Thanks