Thai Amulet - Lp Koon Wat Ban Rai Phra Nangphaya B.E 2517


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Luang Phor Koon Wat Ban Rai Phra Nangphaya B.E 2517 Asking for SGD$68 - 3 pieces on hand Luang Phor Koon chanted this batch of amulet in B.e 2517 when he is still in very good health. Hence people always believe that amulets made during his early years are very effective and strong in aura. The first Phra Nangphaya image was created during the era of Ayuttaya period in the province of Phitsanulok. Why Phra Nangphaya is known as queen of amulet because during the ear, the temple of Phra Nangphaya was built for the purpose of merits making to his Queen, mother of King Naresuan, therefore Thai name the amulet as "Queen of Thailand amulets". Phra Nangphaya is also known as one of the amulet in Benjapakee set, making it the top 5 amulet to have in a set in the Thai kingdom. Phra Nangphaya is known to bless worshipers with very good attractiveness and respect from others, not only that but also keeping one safe from all danger and overcoming obstacles in life. Phra Nangphaya is not only just for ladies but also suitable for men and all walks of life and suitable for people who work in the entertainment line as they do lots of attractiveness and respect from people.