Thai Amulet - Lp Nak Wat Rakang Phra pita B.E 2495


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Luang Pu Nak Wat Rakang Phra pita B.E 2495 Asking For SGD$158 Luang Pu Nak followed the procedures exactly as laid down by Somdej Phrra Buddhacharn Toh as known as Ajarn Toh to create his own Somdej. As knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, Luang Pu studied the old texts and manuscirpts from Ajarn Toh and was known as disciple of Ajarn Toh even he was not born in the era. As Ajarn Toh Somdej fakes flood all over Thailand, it is an great alternative to own Luang Pu Nak Somdej as it is still affordable as compared to an genuine Ajarn Toh Somdej which can cost Millions of SGD. Luang Pu Nak's amulet are not only popular in Thailand, but worldwide, many people having experienced the sacred power and protection that these amulets afford. As these amulets are disappearing fast in the market due to increase popularity and high demand and many fakes are flooding the market. Luang Pu Nak's amulets are broadly known to hold the same properties as his master Ajarn Toh which contains protection, metta, progression in career and wealth. Luang Pu Nak Nak is also one of the greatest Gurus of the country since World War II which makes his amulet even more valuable no just in terms of monetary. Luang Pu Nak attained highest Dhamma; as widely said in among advanced Dhamma-practice monks that when he was blessing amulets, his meditative power was emitting very large bright, cold beam covering all amulets On January 15th, B.E.2514, Luang Phor Nak passed away at Sirirach Hospital, Bangkok, aged 87, and having served Buddhism for 66 years.