!($40)! Thai Amulet - Lp Thuad Rian - Gold Bell - Gold Plated - Aj Pian - Thai Amulets


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Rian Lp Thuad Nur Thong Rakang (Gold Plated) Blessed by famous Arjan Pian from temple Wat KaoOrr. BE2559 Front featured Lp Thuad, while on the back featured a self image of Late Lp Krai. And with a serial code below. Bio : Luang Phor Klai (Phor Than Klai) is one of the respectable monk and famous southern monk. It was rumoured that whatever he said or predicted, often came true, and that is why he was given the title "Golden Mouth" by many. Around 60 years ago, Luang Phor Klai had made a batch of Jatukam amulets. LP have two students. Both of them had become Ajarn. One of the students is Ajarn Khun Pan. The saiz of the Jatukam amulet is more bigger than now a day. And the price of those Jatukam amulet already very expensive. The out look of the Jatukam amulet is not as nice as now. The amulet that made by Luang Phor Klai is very collectable. Luang Phor Klai is one of the high rank monks and become one of the respectful monks in the Thailand. Great for protection against harm, protection against fatal accident, smooth sailing and overall improvement etc etc Price : $$ Comes with original temple box and waterproof casing. Thanks