Thai Amulet - Lp Tim Wat Lahanrai Phra Kam (Chanting Bead) B.E 2518


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Luang Pu Tim Wat Lanhanrai Phra Kam (Chanting Bead) B.E 2518 Asking For SGD$1100 - Encased with real gold casing A beautiful piece of chanting bead that is release at Wat Lanhanrai itself as the whole strand of the bead can cost around 1 million baht depend on the condition. Chanted in B.E 2517 and release in B.E 2518, the chanting bead received 1 whole year of blessing before releasing it out as why prices of chanting bead can be so high because chanting bead is used for daily prayers and it absorbed all the chanting, hence becoming more powerful as days goes by. Coated with gold paint from Wat Lanahnrai as it is the same paint that coated on Phra Khun Pean and loop om which is more valuable and rare. A piece of collector item not to be missed as prices of amulet released in Wat Lanhanrai have been rising constantly despite economic downturn, prices are still climbing due to its demand in the market. Amulets chanted by Luang Pu Tim is known to have great metta, protection and wealth properties.