Thai Amulet - Lp Tim Wat Lahanrai Phra Somdej Made for Wat Koh Roy B.E 2514


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Luang Pu Tim Wat Lanhanrai Phra Somdej Made for Wat Koh Roy B.E 2514 Asking For SGD$120 Luang Pu Tim had chanted this batch of amulets and donated it to Wat Koh Roy for temple building purposes. As amulets release from Wat Lanhanrai itself have reached sky rocket pricing, the best alternative is to wear and keep amulets that Luang Pu Tim had chanted for other temple. Theses amulet are getting harder to find in the market as the prices are also constantly rising which collectors do not wish to release it out too. Phra Somdej is known to be one of the evergreen Thai amulet and it bestows with smooth sailing of life, protection,metta, wealth etc which is an all rounder amulet. Amulets chanted by Luang Pu Tim himself is known to hold great metta and wealth which many people have experience after wearing his amulet.