!($68)! Thai Amulet - Phra Pidta Pangkapan - Naga Style - Lp Nui - Thai Amulets


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Pidta Pangkapan Nur Alapaka Naga Style (Serial Code : 2169) Blessed by Lp Nui, Wat KoHong. BE2548 LP Nui also famously known as Luang Nui from temple Wat KoHong, was one of the prominent monk for conducting all the ritual ceremonies famous amulets of Jatukham RamaThep. He ordained in year BE2528 for 24 rainy seasons in monkhood. He passed away on 3 Jan 2011. Amulets blessed by Luang Nui is highly sought after among jatukam collectors. Pidta is well known to protect wearer from harm, avoid danger, avoid legal case and utmost protection etc etc Price : $$ Comes with waterproof casing and temple serial coding. Thanks