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Forever Wealthy & Happiness Phra SangKaChai Of Temple 100 Phi Nur Nawa (9 Mixed Metals) Strongly blessed by LP Pae in year BE2535 for celebrating Temple Roypi. (100 Years Anniversary) Material used for this piece is called " Nawa ", what is nawa? It consist of 9 different types of molten metals such as copper, bronze, gold, sliver etc etc This Solid Tiny size Phra SangKaChai is made from sacred Solid Nawa materials with very detailed image of Flabby Stomach and Yants. Featured with Budhson scared yant at back. Additional with Chop Code Budhson at the bottom. Effect: Superb in business sales, Bring more Wealths & Happiness, Accumulate more Money & Happiness, Increase luck tremendously, Overcome all obstacles in life, Good for business & Peace etc etc Price : $$$ Comes with original temple box, waterproof casing. This piece is being featured in Lp Pae " yellow book " collection. Highly collectible item. Thanks.

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