($68) Thai Amulet - Phra Sivali Roop Lor - Nur Thong Daeng - Lp Lae - Thai Amulets


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Roop Lor Phra Sivali (Yellow copper material) Blessed by LP Lae of Wat Prasong, Petchaburi. Consecrated in 2517 (1974) This is a very old batch amulet from LP Lae. LP Lae is the No 1 guru monk of Hanuman amulets in recent times, who passed away in 2551. Symbolics of Phra Sivali’s common carryings: Umbrella : Prevent bearer from untimely misfortune. Tao/Tongkat : Gives support and assistance to wearer in times of need. Alms Bowl : Good livelihood because when a good practising monk goes for alms round, he’s alms bowl will sure be filled with food. Fan : To ward off disturbances. Bag : Ability to accumulate and keep good things. ********************************************** Sivali is a main major symbol of wealth, fortune and abundance. Sivali lived in Buddha time and attained Arahantship. He was an important disciple of Lord Buddha and praised by the Lord as the top of all monks for fortune drawing. Price : $$ Comes with original temple box and waterproof casing. Thanks