Thai Amulet - Phra Somdej - Lp Koon - BE 2537 - Painted Longya - Thai Amulets


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Phra Somdej Roon Koonjalernsub Blessed by Lp Koon, Wat BanRai. (BE2536 - BE2537) Featuring a painted self image of Phra Somdej on the front with gold Tarkuts inserted, while on the back is a self image of Lp Koon in his signature pose. With hairstrands from Lp Koon and temple chop stamp. Great for wealth, luck, protection from harm and evil, smooth sailing and overall improvement Price for 5 Gold Tarkuts : $ Price for 19 Gold Tarkuts : $ Require deposit to confirm order Comes with original temple box. Thanks