($108) Thai Amulet - Phra Somdej - Tapian Wealth Fish Yants - Lp Tim - Thai Amulets


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Phra Somdej Nur Pinang w/ Wealthy Tapian Fish & Money Bag (Serial code : 9075) Blessed by Luang Pu Tim, Wat PhraKhao. BE2540. Featured stunning Phra Somdej image and made from sacred Nur Pinang powder materials with added a lot of sacred Mineral dust at front. Additional with sacred Yant, Money Bag and Wealthy Tapian Fish image at back. Featured serial number 9075 at the back. Great for smooth sailing, wealth, luck, protection from harm and evil, metta and overall improvement etc etc Price : $$$ Comes with original temple box and acrylic waterproof casing. Thanks