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Hanuman Roon KieowGaew Prakasit 51 Nur Nawa (Height 4.7cm)  (Serial Code : xxx) only 999 Pieces made Blessed by LP Kalong, Wat KhaoLam. Year BE2551. Featuring a stunning image of Hanuman holding a dagger and a Yaksha Head(Devil Head). This sacred Hanuman is made from sacred Nawa material which consist of 9 different types of molten metals. Lastly with temple laser serial code " XXX " below the amulet. This amulet bestows extremely strong protection and blessings from Lord Hanuman himself, Protecting the wearer from any and all forms of danger like accidents, physical attacks, evil spirits and black magic. Wearing a Lord Hanuman amulet will also bestow onto the wearer bravery, great courage, confidence and will power, much strength and the ability to overcome all obstacles. This is a highly collectible amulet worth investing in as LP Kalong has passed away, and is widely considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and respected monk in Thailand. 100% Original Genuine. Not remake edition. What you see is what you get. Price : $Not For Sale$ Comes with original temple packaging. Comes with temple serial code. Comes with clear acrylic waterproof casing. Comes with chanting mantra in voice format. Able to send via (Email/Whatsapp). Thanks

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