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Thai Amulet Thai Amulet Tiger Takrut Bracelet


1 year ago by auth3nt1ctha1








Origin: Wat Bang Phra Blessed by: Lp Samang Year: B.E 2556 Material: Holy Metal & Black Holy String Condition: New. Red is also available, see my listings.(SOLD OUT) BLACK RESTOCKED. While stock last. **Collected Personally from Temple and Re-Blessed by LP Samang again before bringing back to SG** LP Pern - Wat Bang Phra, is highly respected as one of the top Great Monks because of his Buddhist incantations ability and very high levels of Dhamma cultivation. He made and blessed amulets, such as Takruts, Phayants, Palakids, Phra Krings, herbal amulets, Statues, Rishi amulets, but the most famous of his amulets are all related to the mighty and fiercesome tiger for which Lp Pern had a special affinity for. LP Pern passed away on June 30, BE2545 at the age of 79. Effect: Its featured with mystical sacred Yants inscribed on the Tiger Takrut Roop. Tigers are mightiest and most powerful creatures of the jungle and their fiercesome roar scares and paralyses all creatures. In this context the tiger roop will scare away all sorrow, bad luck, misfortune, illness and negative energies. The Tiger is also a symbol of power and protection and the blessed tiger roop with sacred yants strongly protects against all physical dangers, sudden accidents, from black magic effects, from evil spirits and from attacks with weapons. This Tiger bracelet has the effect of 'klew klad' as well helping the wearer to steer clear of troubles as well. This Tiger roop bracelet has the effect of Maha Amnaj as well which is the Power of authority to command and lead people. This batch of Brass Tiger roop bracelets are also blessed for wealth grabbing, increasing luck tremendously, for smooth sailing in life as the tiger will bite and grab onto all good luck, auspicious and lucky things for the owner. Postage beared by buyer. ($2) 100% Authentic from Temple. Buy with confidence. See my feedbacks!! Katha will be provided. **All Amulets has been blessed by their original maker before renting..and also been blessed by many other top monks as mass blessing**


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