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Thailand LANNA Lanna foot paste / Thai skin care products - Thailand Royal Royal foot paste


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1 packet for $10, inclusive normal mailing. Thailand LANNA Lanna foot paste / Thai skin care products - Thailand Royal Royal foot paste Thailand LANNA Lanna Detox 8 benefits: 1, clean up the body of excess fat, so that the weight of the standard; through the spleen and stomach adjustment, allowing thin weight gain; fat people lose weight, to achieve the effect of body sculpting. The following are the same as the " 2, clean up intestinal toxins, to solve gastrointestinal diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids and other issues; 3, clean up the liver toxins, improve sleep, solve the problem of skin and men and women; 4, clean up blood toxins, to solve blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems; 5, clean acid toxins, to solve the inflammation, stones, cancer and cervical lumbar soreness, lack; 6, after a healthy diet, psychological and physiological age are 10 years old, exactly like a person for the same; 7, after the end of detoxification, will develop a diet, drink water, exercise and calm good habits; 8, the body of this car, after liver and bowel intestinal detoxification adjustment, re-filled the oil, will carry you through life longer journey, with a rich life! To the first beauty of detoxification, good body first detoxification, to health or first detoxification! ⚠️The following patients can not use LANNA foot stickers Pregnant women with epilepsy Another note: blood pressure does not exceed 150 normal use, more than 150 can not paste Yongquan, paste tiger mouth (Hegu hole) 2-year-old baby without physical discomfort is not recommended to use⚠️ Thailand LANNA Lanna foot affixed really effective? I give you analysis and analysis of Thailand LANNA Lanna foot paste effect Thailand LANNA Lanna foot paste the principle of foot-paste science, our foot is not a drug, it can not cure disease can not cure all diseases. But many of the problems of the human body are derived from moisture. Blood circulation is not smooth due to wet stasis, blood stasis is blocked, blocking is unreasonable, not through the pain, which we all know the principle. Our foot paste is through the soles of the feet to remove moisture and toxins, the saying goes, the second heart is the second thing! The moisture came out, the toxins came out, people get the body naturally easy, and a lot of pain will improve, and this is the role of our foot play. Posted once a day (before going to bed, get up after the win) two feet at the same time a paste, adhere to the daily use, the effect of three stages show. The following are the same as the " The first stage: the accumulation of virulent body, the moisture gradually discharged, the body relaxed, eliminate bloating and constipation, sleep quality. (About 24 days) The second stage: the accumulation of virulent body, the basic discharge of moisture, improve immunity, promote metabolism, gastrointestinal function, to eliminate bad breath, foot odor, body sculpting effect, blood fat, blood pressure, blood sugar, facial spots, Strengthen, effectively regulate the body endocrine. (1-3 months). The following are the same as the " The third stage: the stage for the effect of consolidation period, patch color fades, the body function completely back to normal health status, and be enhanced, blood, body type and internal organs have been effectively improved, eliminate stains, acne, anti-aging The (3-6 months). Thailand LANNA Lanna foot affixed really effective? I give you analysis and analysis of Thailand LANNA Lanna foot paste use Adhere to the use of LANNA foot paste, you will find: 1, the skin becomes delicate, remove toxins 2, no longer constipation, bad breath, the body has become fragrant da da, no longer because of his wife did not go to bed 3, 4, waist is not sour, legs hurt, whole body strong; sub-health is just life to your pressure, LANNA, to help you ease! 泰国LANNA兰纳足贴 / 泰國保養品-泰國 Royal 皇家足貼 泰国LANNA兰纳排毒8大好处:   ​1、清理身上多余脂肪,让体重达标;通过脾胃调整,可让瘦人增重;胖人减重,达到塑身的效果。    2、清理肠道毒素,解决肠胃疾病、便秘、痔疮等问题;    3、清理肝脏毒素,改善睡眠,解决皮肤和男女科问题;    4、清理血液毒素,解决血脂、血压、血糖和心脑血管问题;    5、清理酸性毒素,解决炎症、结石、肿瘤和颈椎腰椎酸疼,乏;    6、经过健康饮食,心理和生理年龄均年轻10岁,完全象换了一个人一样;    7、排毒结束后,一定会养成饮食、喝水、运动和淡定的良好习惯;   8、身体这部车,经过肝胆肠排毒调整,重新加满了油,会承载您走过人生更长路程,拥有一个丰盛人生!要美容先排毒,要好身材先排毒,要健康养生还是先排毒! ⚠️​以下患者不能使用LANNA足贴 孕妇 癫痫 冠心病心脏病哮喘 另注:血压不超150正常使用,超过150不能贴涌泉穴,贴虎口(合谷穴) 2周岁的宝宝没有身体不适不建议使用⚠️ 泰国LANNA兰纳足贴真的有效果吗?我给大家分析分析泰国LANNA兰纳足贴功效 ​泰国LANNA兰纳足贴治疗原理足贴科普,我们的足贴不是药,它不能治病也不能治百病。但是人身体的好多问题都来源 于湿气。血液循环不畅通所致,湿则瘀,瘀则堵,堵则不通,不通则痛,这是大家都知道的原理。我们的足贴是通过脚底的穴位排出湿气和毒素的,俗话说脚是人的第二个心脏嘛!湿气排出来了,毒素排出来了,人得身体自然轻松了,好多病痛也会好转了,这就是我们足贴起到的作用.. ​每天贴一次(睡觉前贴、起床后拿下)两只脚同时各贴一片,坚持每天使用,效果分三个阶段显现。   第一阶段:体内积聚宿毒、湿气渐次排出,身体轻松,消除腹胀及便秘,睡眠质量提高。(24天左右)   第二阶段:体内积聚宿毒、湿气基本排出,免疫力提高,促进新陈代谢,肠胃功能增强,消除口臭、足臭、塑身效果显现,降血脂、血压、血糖、面部色斑减淡,肾功能加强,有效调节人体内分泌。(1-3个月)。    第三阶段:此阶段为效果巩固期,贴片颜色变淡,人体机能完全恢复正常健康状态,并得到增强,气血、身型及内部器官均得到有效改善、消除色斑、暗疮,延缓衰老。(3-6个月)。 ​ 泰国LANNA兰纳足贴真的有效果吗?我给大家分析分析泰国LANNA兰纳足贴使用方法 坚持使用LANNA足贴,你会发现:1、皮肤变细腻了,排除毒素2、不再便秘、口臭了,身体都变的香香 哒,再也不会因为脚臭老婆不给上床 了3、身体状态好了,不在每天蒙蒙嗒;4、腰不酸,腿不疼,浑身有劲了;亚健康只是生活给你的压力大,LANNA,帮你缓解!

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