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Hardcover book & condition is good Description Product description Susan Lark, author of Celestial Arts' successful line of women's health self-help books, teams up with her husband, James Richards, in a ground-breaking new book about why some people have the strength, vitality, and stamina to succeed - no matter what they do to their bodies - and what the rest of us can do to come closer to our own "peak performer" selves. The book's basic premises are: *There are eight traits of people who are successful, vibrant, and active in their lives. *There are six basic physiological functions crucial to restoring and maintaining these traits. *The six functions are pivotal in sustaining general health; resisting disease; and recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. *The authors discuss how people can restore their health through diet changes, lifestyle choices, and nutritional supplements. Review What accounts for the "abundant energy, determination, and the focus to succeed" of famous politicians, athletes, entertainers, and business leaders? How do they do it, especially when they seem to ignore the "rules" of good health? The Chemistry of Success explores whether these peak performers have some kind of special "chemical makeup" and what we ordinary folks can do to increase the "chemistry of success" in our own lives. Authors Susan Lark (popular women's-health self-help writer of The Premenstrual Syndrome Self-Help Book and The Menopause Self-Help Book) and James Richards identify six chemical functions needed for peak performance and health, such as the ability to regulate acid/alkaline balance, the ability to oxygenate tissues and cells, and the ability to neutralize the chemical imbalances caused by stress. They describe the qualities we associate with peak performers, such as mental clarity, physical vitality, fast recovery time from illness and injury, and the ability to stay calm and centered under stress. Chapters on each chemical function explain what it is, how it is evaluated or measured, and how it relates to each of the peak-performance qualities. They show you how to evaluate how well your own chemical functions are working, and they present a detailed program for improving or restoring them. Besides the long-term program, you get "Peak Performance Tips"--shortcuts to restoring your chemical balance when you need help quickly. This book isn't light reading, but from it you'll learn innovative strategies for health and success. --Joan Price From Library Journal This book focuses on essential ways to achieve and maintain the abundant reserves of energy and vitality necessary for optimum health. According to Lark, a physician specializing in clinical nutrition, and Richards, Lark's businessman husband, optimum physical health rather than a positive mental attitude is the crucial factor in determining one's ongoing success in life's endeavors. Among the six functions necessary for peak performance are the body's ability to produce digestive enzymes, detoxify wastes, oxygenate cells, and regulate the acid/alkaline balance. Much of the authors' emphasis is on the importance of a diet rich in health-promoting foods and dietary supplements. They also provide guidance on exercise, ozone therapy, hormone replacement, and similar methods to straighten and heal the body. Their advice and explanations are thorough, up-to-date, and clearly presented. Despite its somewhat misleading title, this outstanding nutrition and health guide is highly recommended for public and academic libraries.AIlse Heidmann, San Marcos, TX Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc. Review Ever wonder why your sister can run marathons, head up her own Internet company, juggle three boys and a husband, and still maitain perfect health while you're constantly run-down? You've probably cursed your parents for giving her the good genes. But according to husband-and-wife team Lark and Richards, it's not all in the DNA. These two go-getters juggled demanding careers (she as a physician, he as an investment banker) and bustling personal lives; until their bodies fought back one day. In this heavily researched book, the duo outline our bodies' six basic chemical functions that affect peak performance traits, then explain how anyone can achieve balance in these forces through simple changes in diet and lifestyle, stress-management techniques, and supplements. -- Healthy Living, September/October 1999

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