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VIVOBASE MOBILE provides protection to a person-on-the-go from the harmful effects of radiation caused by wireless devices & the earth. It creates a shield for the body but does not reduce the performance of the wireless device. The generated field is able to bring water molecules within the epidermis into a line with a radiated field (orientation polarisation). Because a water molecule is a dipole, it owns because of its asymmetric structure a permanent electric dipole moment. Within the molecule where are a negative (oxygen atom) and a positive charged side (booth hydrogen atoms). By the low-frequent field of VIVOBASE MOBILE, which is electrically stronger as electromagnetic rays, water molecules are inhibited to follow high- and low-frequent electromagnetic radiation. Key Features: - Protection Coverage Range approximately 1.5 mts (Radius) - Small, Handy Design, can be carried in a pocket or handbag - Easy to charge with a min-USB interface - 2 years warranty Retail price Total @ $345.00 NOW @$315.00 (Saves $30.00)

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