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The set includes: • doTERRA On Guard® Natural Whitening Toothpaste (1oz) • doTERRA On Guard® Dental Floss (54.68 yd) • Peppermint Beadlet • Water-resistant, 3-compartment toiletry bag Peppermint Beadlet Through a unique and exclusive process, doTERRA has captured the unique benefits of Peppermint essential oil in the convenience of a soft vegetarian beadlet. Each tiny beadlet delivers a refreshing burst of Peppermint as it dissolves in your mouth, while invigorating your senses as you breathe in the cooling aroma of pure Peppermint essential oil. More than a breath mint, doTERRA Peppermint Beadlets can be used for oral care, respiratory health, digestive comfort, and all other situations in which Peppermint essential oil is used internally.* Primary Benefits Promotes oral and respiratory health*Alleviates occasional stomach discomfort*Provides all the benefits of Peppermint essential oilConvenient beadlets are perfect for traveling and on-the-go Interested please email Email:

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