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The First IMPORTANT Steps to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Lightning Fast eBook


10 months ago by valuegoodies








Where to Start... Most people freak out in the initial stages of a break up. Emotions run high and you feel like a complete mess. Here’s a look at a typical Break Up Cycle... This cycle can last for weeks or even months. When you’re in this state of Emotional Cycle, it’s very hard to know what to do or what to think. And the worst part is it’s extremely difficult to pull yourself out of this emotional cycle. Your mind is virtually like a mini cyclone of NEGATIVE thoughts and feelings. The thing is we can become ADDICTED to these feelings. The more you feel bad, the more you want to FOCUS on feeling BAD. Makes no sense, but a part of our human nature is that we NEED to feel emotions, whether good or bad. It’s what separates us from machines and other animals. The problem is you can’t FUNCTION when you’re in this state. When you can’t think rationally, or feel NORMAL, how can you possibly attract your ex girlfriend back? That’s when you start making crucial errors like: • Calling her over and over. • Professing your love. • Crying and begging for forgiveness. • Using guilt trips or anger to try to change her mind. • Getting frustrated and doing all sorts of illogical and inappropriate things to get her attention. Now what do you think your ex girlfriend is going to think when you start to freak out on her? The LAST thing she would want to do is come back to a needy, desperate and irrational guy who probably doesn’t even know what went wrong in the relationship. Don’t feel bad if you have made these mistakes, it’s quite common.

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