The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龍記 (Chinese 4 Vol.)


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Condition is 8/10. Pages not Yellowed as can be seen from the 3rd picture. However, the books do not look brand new. Not for fussy buyers. Chinese Classic Wuxia Novel by Jin Yong, Wee Tian Beng, 金庸 It is the third instalment in the Condor Trilogy and is preceded by The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Return of the Condor Heroes. Jin Yong revised the novel in 1979 with a number of amendments and additions. A second revision was published in early 2005, incorporating later thoughts and a lengthier conclusion. It also introduced many changes to the plot and cleared up some ambiguities in the second edition, such as the origin of the Nine Yang Manual. As is typical of some of his other novels, Jin Yong included elements of Chinese history in the story, such as featuring historical figures like Zhu Yuanzhang, Chen Youliang, Chang Yuchun and Zhang Sanfeng. The political clash between the Han Chinese rebels and the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty is also a prominent theme in the novel.

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