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Human Grade Dehydrated Raw Food for Cats & Dogs! Highly recommended pet food from the USA! GRAIN-FREE RECIPES 2 lbs (for dogs): Force (chicken) - $35.70 Zeal (Fish) - $47.60 Embark (Turkey) - $39.10 WHOLE-GRAIN RECIPES 2 lbs (for dogs): Keen (Turkey) - $35.70 *grain used: organic rolled oats, which are low in calories, rich in fibre and boosts immunity. Rice, wheat and soy are not used. MINIMALIST RECIPES 2 lbs (for dogs): Brave (Fish) - $47.60 Marvel (Turkey) - $39.10 Thrive (chicken) - $35.70 BASE-MIX RECIPES 1.4 lbs (for dogs): Kindly (Veges, Nuts and Seeds) - $35.70 Preference (Veges, Fruits & Nuts) - $35.70 * Meat-free recipes especially for raw meat feeders. Also for pets with protein sensitivities. FOR CATS (GRAIN-FREE) 1.5 lbs : Prowl (chicken) - $51.00 Grace (Turkey) - $63.75 What you and your cats & dogs will gain: 1. Nutrient-dense, human grade food without paying for water weight 2. Minimally-processed, retaining most of the natural nutrients and vitamins 3. Closer to fresh, whole food 4. A wide range and variety to more closely suit your pet's dietary needs and allergies, including minimalist (limited ingredients) recipes. Related videos: For more information, please visit Order Details: Click "Buy Now" or "Chat" for further inquiries. You can also call/SMS/Whatsapp Grace (9650 3788) or Susie (9785 3800). Payment Details: By Bank Transfer: POSB Savings (231-01258-3) By DBS Paylah / OCBC Pay Anyone: 9650-3788 Self-collection: Mondays to Sundays (call for appointment) Kew Ave (Tanah Merah area) or Nin Residence (Potong Pasir area) Delivery: Seller's fleet or courier (Qxpress) $4 per trip Free per location if your order is $48 and above (no splitting of orders/locations) Lead time: 1 to 3 days upon confirmation. Tags: dog. dogs. cat. cats. dog food. cat food. honest kitchen. wigglysnouts.

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