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Condition (8/10 ) Well kept - Dictionary of electronics (original and limited edition) $8 all the theories and circuit explanations. I was electronic student and I used this book for reference and it quite useful .. all the detail and basic of all equation , circuitry and voltage and systems and process of electronic devices ... best to have for engineering students who studied electronic and IT . - lovely bones $6 By Alice sebold (#1 best seller of the month ) It has movie version too The story line is the girl died and her corpse buried in the backyard. Nobody knows how she died and why she died . The story is about the mysterious killer and thriller story , fiction base - the best laid plan - $6 Written by Sidney sheldon The story is about revenge of a woman who got betrayed by his fiancée who working at the office of president of USA . She hates him and planned step by step to get her revenge. Romantic, melo drama type . Best drama to read . I self recommended

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