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2 months ago by mikechngwk






THE ONLY PHYSICS TUITION YOU EVER NEED - 2019 is BACK! Due to the overwhelming response last year in 2018, I have opened up more lessons taking up to 15students this June Holidays. Once again a big THANK YOU to all students & parents that supported this course in 2018, thank you for your strong support and referrals that gave me total of 13students portfolio over May 2018 - July 2018 which helped me ALOT ALOT to fund my University’s expenses. I promise to continue inspiring students to fall in love with physics and truly understand the inside out of all physics concepts. I’m Mr Mike btw My qualifications: NTU Undergrad, mechanical engineering(Hons). Taught physics since 2014, had many students scoring A1 for Pure physics & combined science physics for O levels. -GUARANTEED to close up any gaps between yourself and the school progress. - GUARANTEED to be ahead of your other peers when school reopen. My teaching method: I strongly believes learning the concepts are far more important than memorising formulas. Students under me have always shown improvements because I have always make sure that all of them understand the concepts thoroughly to ensure they are able to tackle any kind of questions given during the examination. From my personal experience, the traditional way of teaching physics using books and pens are not effective at all. Students tends to listen and forget. I strive to always demonstrate physics concepts using live demonstration and it works like a charm. Through demonstration, they learn, and it became part of their permanent memory. A student I tutored back in 2016, still remembered the physics concept I demonstrated when I met her in 2019! I’m an NTU Engineering undergrad currently pursuing my bachelors degree and also tutoring several undergrads in NTU too. P.S I’m really grateful for parents and students that trusted me and provided me with the honor to tutor their children. This has indeed largely fuelled my University’s expenses and I’m really motivated to consider being a full time physics tutor one day. Really really a big THANK YOU to all the parents &students . I would not have been able to continue studying in NTU if not for your support. THANKS AGAIN!!



Part-Time Tutor

Sec 1 - Sec 5 / Private candidates

Combined Physics & Pure Physics

May: Monday (7pm - 9pm) Tuesday (7pm - 9pm) Wednesday (7pm-9pm) Thursday (7pm - 9pm) Friday (fully booked) Saturday (fully booked) Sunday(4pm - 6pm, 630pm - 830pm) June: As my internship ends on 31st May, It will free up my weekdays. However, TimeSlots RESERVED & TAKEN UP for June: Monday(12pm-2pm, 4pm - 5pm) Tuesday (11pm-2pm) Friday(11pm-2pm, 230pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm, 730-930pm) Saturday (fully booked) Sunday(fully booked except for 4pm - 6pm, 630pm - 830pm))

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