The Other Side of Love by Gary Chapman - Self Enrichment Book


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The Other Side of Love: Handling Anger in a Godly Way Paperback – by Gary Chapman Very Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, foxed, comes with plastic book cover. Description - What's So Loving About Anger? Many of us believe anger is a sinful emotion of which we should be ashamed. We want to be loving, and we perceive our potentially volatile feelings to be the opposite of love. But as best-selling author Gary Chapman explains, this much-misunderstood emotion necessarily goes hand-in-hand with love. Its fundamental purpose is not to tear down, but to motivate us to positive, loving action that will leave things better than we found them. In The Other Side of Love, Chapman helps sort out the confusion, teaching how you can process anger in a constructive, godly manner. Filled with insights and techniques that have helped hundreds of individuals and families to find a better way to deal with anger, The Other Side of Love will help you to understand the source of your anger---and guide it toward productive purposes. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) Incredible Impact - By sidskymom Before taking on this Chapman book, I decided to read "The Five Languages of Apology". Unfortunately for me, I've been told (and I'd have to agree) that I am a bit of a grudge holder. People apologize to me and I just can't seem to move past the feelings of anger. I'm not talking about the little things that are annoyances, like someone bumping into me or accidentally stepping on my toe. I'm talking about the things that make me feel I've been wronged. For me, both of Chapman's books worked together to give me an entire new outlook on apologies and moving past the anger associated with a wrong. I set out to read "The Other Side of Love" with somewhat of a cleansed idea of forgiveness, with expectations not that high. I truly felt from reading the first book, I was good to go and ready to begin my life as a forgiver! Then, 1/3 of the way through the book, the light went off in my head and reality came crashing in. I suddenly realized exactly WHY I was unable to free myself of the anger that had started to slowly creep into what should be a happy life. It was way more that just learning what I needed to truly accept an apology. Through Chapman's suggested exercises, I was able rid myself of tons of crap I'd been unconsciously dealing with for years. It's only been a week since I've completed the suggested exercise, but already I (and my husband) notice a difference. If you struggle with forgiving, or have a hard time letting go of anger, I'd highly suggest this book. If notice yourself getting snippy with those closest to you or find yourself being uncontrollably critical of others, I'd highly suggest this book. If you just don't feel like yourself and you seem to have lost joy, humor, patience, or compassion in relation to people around you, I'd highly suggest this book. Chapman gets right to the point at the beginning of the book and then reiterates those points throughout the remainder of the book by giving real-life examples. He backs his points up through scripture references and even gives specific and detailed prayers to help the reader get desired results. It's an easy read, and one you won't want to put down. However, I found it best to read through one chapter a day to give myself enough time to process Read it. You won't be sorry! 2) Processing Anger in a Healthy Way - By Kindle Customer I loved this book. It explains how anger is supposed to help you make the right decisions for positive changes. It gives a definition of anger describing the two different types, definitive and distorted. It explains how to handle each with easy steps to follow in regards to friends, spouses, children, etc. It also refers to scripture to help you in the process. It was really eye opener for me on how we learn to deal with anger by how our parents reacted even though we may not like it. As growing up with angry parents I never wanted to be like them. Now that I have a child of my own I'm doing some of the same. The book tells us how to change and properly teach our children how to positively process anger. I keep it handy to I can refer to it often. It gave me hope for being the peaceful person I long to be and makes it attainable with God's help.

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