The Release of the Spirit by Watchman Nee - Self Enrichment Book


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The Release of the Spirit by Watchman Nee (for other titles, please check with me - there are many more books that I have not uploaded) Very Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, foxed. Anyone who serves God will discover sooner or later that the great hindrances he has in the Lord's work is not others, but himself. He will discover that his outward man (soul) is not in harmony with his inward man (spirit). Both tend to go toward two opposite directions from each other. He will also sense the inability of his outward man to submit to the inner control of his regenerated spirit. His greatest difficulty lies in his outward man, which hinders him from using his spirit. Each one of us has as much of the same "Jacob-nature" in us. Our only hope is that the Lord may blaze a way out of us, breaking our outward man- breaking it to such a degree that the inward man may come out and be seen. This is precious! This is the way to serve the Lord. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) So needed - By Essjee Rautenbach This is also one of my all time favorite books. This message is so needed today in our modern christian culture. It is the first time in my life, i have heard a message like this. In theory it sounds good, but when God starts to work on your outer man or bring Jesus Cross to you, it is not so easy. But it so needed, that we as Christians allow God to do His breaking work in us, so that His spirit can break through our hard shell and so doing touch a broken world. This is a must read for anyone who call themselves a believer of Christ... 2) Release of The Spirit - By Kevin Connor I have been in Christ for over forty-five years. This book was given to me by an Evangelist back in the late seventies. He said that it would radically transform my view on Jesus Christ; me being in Christ and Christ being in me. I have to admit that I read it more than once over a two year period. Everything I read in it rang true in me but I couldn't understand it. I prayed, agreed with the Truth as it was revealed in it's pages, but it was still only so much theory. Until the Holy Spirit turned my mind's darkness into light. And you know what, that Evangelist was right! Since then, I have read everything I could find on brother Nee's writings, and have not been disappointed. He is among those saints through whom the Holy Spirit chooses to spread the sweet savor of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who has a thirst after Him like a deer pants after the brook! It may take you a while until the light breaks forth in your soul but the wait is worth it. The entire body of Christ would benefit from Watchman's writings. This little book was the one the Lord chose to hand to me over thirty years ago.