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Please offer me, thank you :)! By: Richard Templar A personal code for happier, more fulfilling relationships. Strong, loving relationships are what life’s all about. And some people are really good at it. They find a partner who makes them happy and they seem to know instinctively how to handle tricky times and keep the relationship fresh and rewarding. They make friends easily and have lasting relationships that stand the test of time. They are the lynchpin of a strong supportive family. They make it look effortless. Yet for most of us it just isn’t that straightforward. Love may be a basic human instinct, but sharing your life with other people isn’t always easy. Is there something these people know that we don’t? Is there something we can all benefit from? The answer is a resounding yes. They know The Rules of Love. The Rules of Love are a set of guiding principles that will help form and sustain strong, enduring and ultimately life enhancing relationships. This new edition includes 7 brand new rules for even happier and more fulfilling relationships. You’ll feel the benefits – and so will everybody around you. Size - Length: 19.5 CM Width: 12.7 CM Condition: 6/10 Feel free to chat for more details. #Love #Rules #Book #Templar #Pearson #Relationships #Happiness

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