The Terminator: The Enemy Within Mini (1991-1992) Dark Horse Comics #1


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Meet up at my convenience at The Tanamera Condo bus stop unable to meet elsewhere due to personal inconvenience. Postage is not possible so as to avoid any disagreement upon receiving item. Payment terms: Cash only. Thank you so much for reading this and good day to one and all. other comic titles available Agent liberty 1 Dc Aliens genocide 1 Dark horse Aliens genocide 2 Dark horse Aliens versus predator war 0 Dark horse Aliens versus predator war 1 Dark horse Aqauman return of the king 1 Dc Armageddon the alien agenda 1 Dc Backlash 8 Image Badrock 1A Image Badrock 1C Image Badrock and company 1 Image Ballistic imagery 1 Image Batman forever official movie adaptation cover 1 - DC Batman forever official movie adaptation cover 2 - DC Batman gotham nights 1 DC Batman holy terror - DC Batman judge dredd the ultimate riddle - DC sold Batman legends of the dark knight annual 1 Dc Black flag 1 Maximum press Cage 1 Marvel Chapel 1 Image Codename : stryke force 0 Image Cops : the job 1 Marvel Cyber force annual 1 Image Danger trail 1 Dc Daredevil 300 Marvel Death’s head II 1 Marvel Deathblow 16 Image Deathlok 1 Marvel Deathstroke the terminator 1 Dc Defenders of dynatron city 1 Marvel Doom’s IV 1 Image Double dragon 1 Marvel Extreme sacrifice 1 Image sold Fantastic force 1 Marvel Gen 13 series 2 1 Image sold Gen 13 series 2 2 Image Generation x 1 Marvel Generation x collector’s oreview - Marvel Geomancer 1 Valiant Ghost rider 5 Marvel Ghost rider 36 Marvel Ghost rider and cable 90 Marvel Ghost rider newsstand 2 Marvel Green arrow holofoil cover 100 Dc Green arrow the butcher and the question 1 Dc Green lantern corps quarterly 1 Dc Green lantern mosaic 1 DC Grifter 1 Image sold Grifter bedrock 1 Image Hellshock jae lee 1 Image Iron man 290 Marvel Justice league America holofoil cover 100 dc Justice league Europe 1 Dc Justice league spectacular 1 Dc Justice league spectacular 1 Dc Kid n play 1 Marvel Legionnaires 1 Dc Lobo paramilitary Christmas special 1 Dc Lobo’s back 1 Dc Long hot summer 1 Dc Magnus robot fighter special cover 25 Valiant Maximage 1 Image Midnight sons unlimited 1 Marvel Next men john byrne’s 1 Dark horse Nfl superpro 1 Marvel Night thrasher four control 1 Marvel Nomad 1 Marvel Predator cold war 1 Dark horse Predator cold war 2 Dark horse Predator cold war 3 Dark horse Predator cold war 4 Dark horse Primal force 0 Dc Prophet babe watch special 1 Image Ragman 1 Dc Ripclaw 1 Image Robin 1 Dc Robin II 2 dc Robin II cover 1 3 Dc Robin II cover 2 3 Dc Robin II collector’s set opened 3 Dc Robin II collector’s set sealed 1 Dc Robin II cover 1 1 dc Robin II cover 2 1 dc Robotech defenders 1 Dc Rogue 1 Image Silver sable 1 Marvel Silver surfer embossed cover 50 Marvel Sisters of mercy 1 Maximum Sovereign 7 1 Dc Sovereign 7 extra copy 1 Dc sold Spartan warrior spirit 1 Image Spawn 1 Image sold Spawn 32 Image Spawn blood feud 1 Image Spider-man 50 Marvel Spider-man classics 1 Marvel Spiderman green bagged 1 Marvel Spider-man maximum clonage alpha special cover 1 Marvel Spider-man newsstand 3 Marvel Spider-man saga 1 marvel Spider-man saga 2 marvel Spider-man saga 3 marvel Spider-man saga 4 marvel Spiderman silver bagged 1 Marvel Spider-man special cover 26 Marvel Spider-man x force joins 16 Marvel Star wars dark empire 1 Dark horse sold Starman 0 Dc Stormwatch 22 Image Super soldiers 1 Marvel Superman aliens 1 Dc dark horse sold Superman aliens 2 Dc dark horse sold Superman aliens 3 Dc dark horse sold Superman black polybag sealed 75 dc sold Superman holofoilcover 100 Dc Superman newsstand 56 Dc sold Superman non bagged 75 Dc team 7 1 Image Terminator the enemy within 1 Dark horse Terminator the enemy within 2 Dark horse The amazing spider-man 358 Marvel The amazing spider-man 375 Marvel sold The amazing spider-man special cover 365 Marvel The astonishing x-men 1 Marvel The chaos effect epilogue part 1 - Valiant The cladestine special cover 1 Marvel The deadly foes of spider-man 1 Marvel The infinity gauntlet 1 Marvel The infinity war 1 Marvel The new mutants purple bckg 100 marvel The new warriors 1 Marvel The original ghost rider rides again! 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Non obligatory viewing may be arranged at my residence which is a 10 minute’s walk away from tanah merah mrt station