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Xerox DocuPrint C3300DX Colour laserjet printer; used for personalised designer's greeting card, name cards and posters in A4 size. This is reliable laser printer, performed heavy duty colour in laser sharp print quality. It has been carried out digital imaging printing privately in house so that first hand design content information won't simply disclose to anyone's else except your own preferred target customer to receive customised content (privacy; secrecy; restricted). For info, printer enable to connect to either USB / RJ45 ethernet network outlets. Technical specs. please refer online via Note: this printer functional normal working condition except run out of cyan and black toner cartridge ink (require to replace new toner cartridges) so to resume print status as well to print. Straight Handout $850. only. Sincere buyer, please contact Ken mobile: 92767477 to fix advanced appointment; state your estimated time arrival for collection at Blk 446 Yishun Avenue 11 Singapore 760446 (may fit into any car size, drive in stop at the vehicle loading lots) and I will hand truck over to you there. Printer has been shrink wrapped as in whole set physically neat and clean to place on top of the car cushion seat. Thanks.