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Thea Stilton Series|俏鼠菲姐妹系列*Simplified Chinese*age9-15岁 Embark in the adventure with the quick witted, charismatic and helpful Thea Stilton and friends in this 15 books series, read on to find out what happen when they travel to New York, China, India, Alaska, Egypt etc and even to the Moon!! At the end of each book, there will be quiz, puzzle, questions and even recipe in baking yummy bun! The series originated in Italy and has become the most popular children's book series in that country. The books have been translated into 35 languages. Series 1: 俏鼠菲姐妹-1巨龙密室暗藏玄机的神秘字符 俏鼠菲姐妹-2澳洲土著死而复生的沙漠图腾 俏鼠菲姐妹-3印加帝国机关重重的古老迷宫 俏鼠菲姐妹-4巴黎歌剧院*底层的密室地图 俏鼠菲姐妹-5古老长城遗失的公主宝藏 Series 2: 俏鼠菲姐妹-6纽约摩天大楼的纵火案之谜 俏鼠菲姐妹-7阿拉斯加隐形的冰川宝藏 俏鼠菲姐妹-8月球基地上失控的超级机器人 俏鼠菲姐妹-9苏格兰古堡的夜半歌声 俏鼠菲姐妹-10富士山下的黑色木偶 Series 3: 俏鼠菲姐妹-11太阳神庙里的蓝色圣甲虫 俏鼠菲姐妹-12印度王子的绿宝石 俏鼠菲姐妹-13赫梯公主的宝石嫁衣 俏鼠菲姐妹-14米兰大剧院舞蹈大赛作弊案 俏鼠菲姐妹-15夏威夷火山离奇的白狗之谜 Price: $24.90 per series (Set of 5 books) $68.90 for Full series (Set of 15 books) –Comes in a box Recommended age: 9 to 15 years old Language: Simplified Chinese Paperback; 21cm x 14cm Welcome to our facebook to check out latest collections and promotions! To view all our books and purchase direct, please visit To purchase this item via Qoo10, please visit

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