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155ml / 5.2 US fl. oz. 🥂Contains 24K pure gold 250mg to create bright and resillent skin. 😀Offers nourishing feeling to create healthier and younger skin. 💦Essence type of texture that permeates into skin instantly as soon as applied. MYEONGHAN MINDO HWANSAENGGO GOLD TONER is an oriental toner that tones the skin making it smooth through the adjust of water and oil. It delicately applies with least aggravation to the skin and conveys dampness and sustenance when retained. It Contains Lecithin(oil) fixings join with moisture(water) fixings to make a defensive boundary that ensures dampness inside the skin while fortifying the skin hindrance for sound, brilliant skin. Fine gold powder and gold pearls give zero aggravation and make an unpretentious gleam to your skin.Hyaluronic corrosive and panthenol uplifts the saturating impacts, expanding the dampness holding capacity and making skin dewy and saturated.A light-hued fluid toner that watches over the inward and external skin; Bulogeukjindan fortifies the skin's homeostasis while brilliant pine oil looks after the appearance and brilliance of skin Purchased from THEFACESHOP SG

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