This Person Changed Name To "Garfort" BEWARE! RUDE Buyer That Hate Ordering And Start Insulting!!!! 😡


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My stocks has jus clear out for Hari Raya coz its around the corner.. doing my best to rush items for my customers. Out of no where met such Rude person This person mention... "Do I know the feeling when want to buy but have to wait? " Same goes to you! Do you know the feeling of getting insult out of no where???? If you cant WAIT... Don't like people telling you to WAIT.. 2 options!~ 1. Don't buy den dont need to WAIT 2. Buy off the rack den dont need to WAIT.. The most is to WAIT for the cashier to put it in a bag! "If you don't like to order.. Jus don't order. Don't have to insult.. This show Wat kind of person you are." Gosh! Wat a horrible night to end my day. Blocked & Reported. Updates: Why do you have to change you name from "Fulon" to "Garfort" Guilty???? FYI... Rude, will track and update whatever name you change to!