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Still in good condition. Selling at $2 per book. Stepney Salty Duncan Edward (sold) Gordon (sold) Bulstrode Oliver Sir Handel Bill and Ben Percy (sold) Mavis Skarloey Terence Cranky Bulgy Toby Donald and Douglas James (sold) Thomas (sold) Spencer (sold) Daisy (sold) Diesel (sold) Bertie Peter Sam Emily Harold Henry (sold) Duck Arry and Bert George Jack (sold) Annie and Clarabel Rheaneas Fergus Mighty Mac Harvey Rusty Molly The fat controller (sold) Dennis Rosie Freddie (sold) Neville Murdock Caroline Arthur Madge (sold) Hank Colin Flora Stanley (sold) Whiff Billy Boco (sold) Hector Jeremy (sold) Charlie Troublesome trucks Victor (sold) Kevin Hiro

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VivoCity, Singapore

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