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100% Authentic Khun Pean Prai 1000 Ton, (thousand ghosts) Arjarn Apichai Daeicha Origin: Northern Thai Year: B.E.2559 (C.E.2016) For all kinds of gamble , windfall luck, love seduction Solely Consecreted by Arjarn Apichai Decha himself Year 2559 Made only 9 pieces Arjarn Apichai created this batch amulet followed the ancient wicha and strongly blessed for 9 auspicious days , inviting the spirits into each amulet. This ia an excellent amulet for seduction attraction, strong effects on opposite n same sex , flirtation for those that enjoy the night life, you ll be love and admired by other, attract new lovers or call back love one lost , improving your personal relationship, great for siang choke gamble immense luck in gambling and fortune , wealth fetching increase business sales , customers n profits as well as protection and evasion Suitable for both man or women heterosexual or homosexual This batch of khunpean Prai 1000 Ton, thousand ghosts made of powders ashes and bones , sacred soils from 9 cemeteries ,sacred soils from 9 abandoned temples, pong toop incense dust from 9 shrins, ,sacred soils from 9 rice fields ,powders of wahn maha sanaeh magic herbs 108 kinds, hua chuea nanmanprai , fang ngern mahalarp, enchanted takruts , bone fragments. Purpose of Making: to make powerful amulets for people to worship Ceremony: Arjarn Apichai carefully and intensively spelt the efficaciously powerful Katha to the amulets in this collection Katha: Namox3 Om Su Na Mo Lo, Na Mo Put Ta Ya, x1 Ja Pa Ga Sa x 3 Information about Arjarn Apichai Daeicha: Arjarn Apichai Daeicha or called in short “Arjarn Apichai” is a skilled guru master. Many Thais and foreigners believe in the power of his amulets. Arjarn Apichai began magic when he was nine. He learnt magic from his grandfather who is a disciple of Kurba Srivichai. Then his grandfather took Arjarn Apichai to learn more magic from Por Noi Peng, a guru master. After that, Arjarn Apichai went to learn more magic by himself from many magical experts for example Por Narn Inta, an undertaker who has magical knowledge and KB Sitti of Wat Doi Lang. His magic is not common. He also knows Khmer magic well. He is good at sacred tattooing. Foreigners like to come to him to get a tattoo. His amulets are powerful having strong power of charm, love and good luck.