TIC Bottle For Travel (Stocks come within 4 days!)


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The easiest way to bring shower and skincare products with you on the go Shower Bottle 3 x smart sections (80 ml each) 3 x labelled containers for: – Shampoo – Conditioner – Body Wash – S-1 (1 x spare lid) Holds up to 2 x the capacity of conventional shower sets Height 16.6cm, Diameter 7.4cm, Weight 282 grams, Capacity 240 ml Skincare Bottle 10 x smart sections: 6 x containers (30 ml each) and 4 x decks (15 ml each) 6 x labelled containers for: – Makeup Remover – Eye Makeup Remover – Cleanser – Toner – Serum – S-1, S-2, S-3 (3 x spare lids) 4 x labelled decks for: – Day Cream – Night Cream – Eye Cream – S-1 (1 x spare deck) Height 18.6cm, Diameter 7.4cm, Weight 342 grams, Capacity 240 ml Easy-to-remove containers with clear measurement markings Easy to clean Available in Pearl White, Silver, Black, Rose Gold https://youtu.be/WDZ-ZGnr1H4 Meet up Preferred :: Raffles Place, Serangoon :: Any questions, please pm me :) #travel#storage#container#shower#skincare