TIGI Copyright Colour Rich Creme Activator 30 Vol 9%


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Brought it this year to dye my hair at home. Left half bottle which is about 500ml. Enough to dye 2 times mid-long hair. * This is developer, not hair dye. *Tips for treatment after hair dye: leave hair conditioner with shower cap for 30mins and rinse off with cold water. I find dye hair at home makes my hair look healthier and does less damage. Check desired level of lift, deposit of level, tone and coverage on non-pigmented hair before removal of the colour (processing time may need to be extended for different hair types and textures). Application is always important when lightening. Layer and place enough TIGI Copyright Colour lift emulsion onto the hair in order for the product to penetrate the hair to achieve desired lifting and toning results. Fine delicate hair lines will accept tone more easily, apply to hair line last or use 100/0 or 10/0. Development time may be extended up to 15 minutes if required on coarser thicker hair textures. Remember TIGI Copyright Colour lift is designed to lift and tone in 35 minutes, so always process for the full time. For great blondes, use enough product for enough time.

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